DOM is a centre dedicated to contemporary arts, directed by Laminarie theatre company in partnership with Bologna Municipality.

DOM is a silver halphsphere that hosts inside two wooden stages, curtains, ropes, racks, chairs. It’s a big round open space, with a wooden floor suitable for dancers, without any chair fixed to it. It’s a place willing to host new practises and publics, and it is open every day all day long.

DOM is situated in the area of Pilastro, a suburban part of Bologna city with strong interethinical communities. In our everyday practice, we have tried to lend an ear to these people’s needing. As a result, the kind of “theatre” we practise has no doubt a strong social relationship with local issues, but this relationship is strongly oriented towards a poetic project: a work of art that must be both unarmed and constantly willing to listen, and at the same time armed of its artistic strength.

Even more so, if your theatre is situated in a difficult area as the Pilastro is, you are obliged to offer contents of the highest artistic quality. For us, opening DOM meant to give birth to a new place, setting it gently on an empty spot. And a new place brings a new thought with it. DOM expresses its vocation to contact – with matter, with objects, with words, with bodies, with the world inside and outside the theatre scene, with the places – and through interconnections between fairy tales and tragedy, playing and thinking, creative and fighting experiences, between city center and outskirts.


shows and encounters > DOM’s programmes combine different languages and a variety of public of different ages. Several encounters with artists and scholars expand the usual timing and rituals of theatre’s attendance.

residencies > DOM hosts artistic experiences for a period of time for production or research.

laboratories and neighbourhod’s involvment > contemporary arts are set in direct relationship with citizens, both adults and children, who are invited to actively take part to several projects.

HITCHES > we leave some empty spot in DOM’s programme: coincidences that might happen or not. Some “unpackaged” spots still waiting for a new request.

PUBLISHING > magazine Ampio Raggio - esperienze d’arte e di politica, published by Laminarie, follows DOM’s activities. Its aim is to propose a reflection about contemporary arts and their production processes.

PREMIO SPECIALE UBU 2012 > DOM La Cupola del Pilastro and Laminarie were awarded the UBU Prize in the “special project” category for our activities in Bologna, “on the boundaries between production and residencies, between city and countryside, migration and memory, childhood and adulthood, between theatrical research and work with the neighborhood, Pilastro in Bologna”. The UBU prizes were created in 1977 by Italian critic Franco Quadri. They award the best theater events of the year, voted by a jury made of 54 top art critics of the country.]